Swavesey Half Marathon

Welcome to the official website of the Swavesey Half Marathon and 5 mile run which provides all the information you will need on how to enter and complete the Swavesey Half Marathon and 5 mile run to help raise money for the Swavesey Community. The Swavesey Half Marathon  was initially set up to help raise money for Swavesey Village College and over the last 5 years has seen growing support which we feel will continue. We hope the website resonates with you and helps you to complete the Swavesey Half Marathon which we feel is a great cause, able to see the difference from the money raised and hear how much happier the students of the school become. Feel free to take a look!

The 2018 Swavesey Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 18 March 2018…

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Results and photos

Take a look at those who competed in previous Swavesey Village College Half Marathons and on see what times each competitor completed the race in!

Photos kindly provided by Lazy Photography

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Race Information

Find all the race information you need including how to register for the Swavesey Half Marathon, maps of the Half marathon and 5 mile race routes, essential information about the half marathon and how to donate to Swavesey Village College directly!

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Part of preparing for any half marathon so to help you make sense of how to train for the Swavesey Half Marathon, we’ve provided a number of training plans to help make training clear and simple. Not only that ,the number of different plans means there is sure to be one you can see fitting into your lifestyle so you can run the race of your life!

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Our partners make the Swavesey half marathon possible. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do any of this so we’ve taken the time to provide some information so you can see the work they do and read of how they help not just us but others too.

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  • “I always loved running…it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.”

    - Jesse Owens
  • “Running is not, as it so often seems, only about what you did in your last race or about how many miles you ran last week. It is, in a much more important way, about community, about appreciating all the miles run by other runners, too.”

    - Richard O'Brien
  • “Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.”

    - Paul Tergat