Race Information

General Information

Date: 18th March 2018
Start time: 10 am for the Half Marathon and 10.10 am for the 5 mile. Registration is open between 7:45 a.m. and 9:15 a.m.
Requirements: Those who wish to run should be over 17 otherwise feel free to enter!
Contact information: Kate Sealy ksealy@swaveseyvc.co.uk

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The prices of the Half Marathon are as follows:

  • £18 for those who are affiliated
  • £20 for those who are unaffiliated

The prices for the 5-mile race are as follows:

  • £14 for those who are affiliated
  • £16 for those who are unaffiliated
  • £6 for under 16s

Runners needing to be over 13 to participate in the event.

Entry on the Day:

We are sorry to say that there will be no on the day entries.

Closing Date:

Sunday 11th March, 2018

Health Warning

Before undertaking any event such as a half marathon please ensure you’re fit and healthy to do so by speaking with your GP if necessary to see if there’s any reason you shouldn’t. If you fall victim to a cold or any other illness in the 7 days prior to the event we would strongly advise you reconsider participating as this could result in further deterioration in health.

Race Maps!

Both the Swavesey Half Marathon and 5-mile routes follow the footpaths around Fen Drayton lakes also incorporating the guided busway. This gives the route some wonderful scenery and a pleasant melody whilst you take on the challenge of completing the route at a pace which you enjoy.
We do advise to take care as there may be pot holes on the farm roads, mud on the footpaths and pedestrians so we simply ask for you to keep your eyes open and ears peeled to ensure there are no accidents and everyone can enjoy the event.

Are you fit to run?

Before signing up we recommend you visit Runners Medical Resources to ensure there is no reason why you won’t be able to run. Not only that, it will help you get focused on ensuring you build a solid level of fitness so you know the voices of doubt won’t come into play.