Training is an essential part of any half marathon but many people don’t know where to begin. To help with this we’ve found three training programs, each aimed at different levels of runner to help make things clearer. If you find or know of any programs that would be better then please feel free to contact us.

Beginner training program

Beginner training program: This program is great for anyone who’s not run a half marathon before. Running 13 miles may seem an impossibility but with proper training the moment of finishing becomes clearer and you’ll hear the voices of confidence grow.

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Intermediate training program

Intermediate training program: If you are a more advanced runner then the intermediate programs for you. It’s clear content will allow you to take your running to the next level having already built a solid foundation.

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Advanced training program

Advanced training program: Perfect for those who run regularly as a hobby or through organised events, this program will tell you how to improve your running to the best it can be so you can really see the results as you set you fastest time yet.

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